This certificate was awarded to Kenshiro Abbe by Emperor Hirohito at the Imperial Palace, Japan, March 23rd 1945 and it is a record of Abbe's importance as a Budo master in Japan.

John Goldman is now the keeper of the original certificate. It was sent to him in 2005 by the Abbe family as a token of their continuing friendship with John and to celebrate 50 years of Abbe's arrival in the UK.

John has promoted this treasured document as something to be shared. He has had special copies made for varying bodies including the Kodokan in Japan, the world headquarters of judo.

The translation of this certificate is:

The Japanese Emperor knights Kenshiro Abbe with the fifth class medal/Cordon of the Order and bestows on him the Sacred Treasure.

The Son of Heaven's stamp is facilitated in Miyagi on March 23 1945 (20th year of Showa).

March 22 1945 (20th year of Showa)
The president of the Decoration Bureau Yasuji Seko.
It will be recorded on the medals for Merit list as
Congratulation no. 54225.

The Secretary of Decoration Bureau Yachiho Murata.

This is the certificate Kenshiro Abbe awarded to John Goldman in 1982, promoting him to 4th Dan. In 2006 the Abbe family sent a letter of congratulations to John on his promotion to 7th Dan.

Abbe Sensei died on 1st December 1985. This is the card of notification and circumstances of his death, sent to John by the Abbe family.

This card translates:

On the 17th November 1985 Kenshiro Abbe had a stroke and was taken into hospital. Everything possible was done for him but at 5.15 am on the 1st December he passed away. At the age of 71 years his life ended. Thank you very much for your friendship during his lifetime.

This letter accompanied the card of notification:

It reads:

Happy New Year. I have seen the photo which you sent of your Dojo. Congratulations on its evolution. You will see from the enclosed card that he passed away on December 1st. It was very sad but it is better not to mourn but instead to carry on building up your Dojo which would make him much happier. Congratulations and good luck. Abbe Sensei and Elder Sister.


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